Welcome to the new Kodava Koota website !

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Welcome to the new Kodava Koota website !

Welcome to the new Kodava Koota  website !

Every seed sown needs to be nurtured to blossom, grow and thrive. Through your membership, you have already expressed your interest in keeping connected with our roots and for the betterment of our people. You have sown the seed. While we continue to meet up in smaller groups, celebrate festivals, Kodava conventions etc., how do we as community members continue to engage with each other and carve out that niche for ourselves? How do we grow and thrive? We at Kodava Koota thought about this deeply, came about the idea of this member page to serve as a community engagement platform.

On this dynamic member page, you can lookup registered members of Kodava Koota using Kodavas of NA Directory, stay connected with our initiatives such as Kodava Thakk Padipo, share your thoughts under General Articles, anecdotes from your life in America, become a featured member, share your travel blogs, pictures and paintings. You could choose to share your channel, promote your books, and anything under the sun to have this community stand behind you.

We say dynamic, because we are constantly listening, innovating and evolving with you. The beauty of this space is that it grows with you and will thrive with your participation. The more you invest, the more you will harvest.

We invite each and every member to lookout for email notifications from Kodava Koota and regularly check this page out on a regular basis to stay connected with our community.

Thank you
Kodava Koota Board Members