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Kodava Koota is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 by like-minded Kodavas living in North America under the leadership of Mrs. Gina Konganda, a passionate Kodavathi and entrepreneur based out of Dallas, Texas.

She constituted a Board of 8 members who are equally committed to the cause and have been managing the organization undertaking several initiatives both in North America and Kodagu.

Appanna Chottera, Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Secretary

Avinash Chottangada, Atlanta, GA – Treasurer

          Dr. Keerthana Theethamada, San Angelo, TX – North American Initiatives

Nithan Monnanda, Philadelphia, PA – Kodagu Initiatives

Nalini Kuliyakanda, Goldsboro, NC – Culture and Traditions

Priya Pattada, San Francisco, CA – Membership

          Poovaiah Manavattira, San Francisco, CA – Communications Director

Subbaiah Cherumandanda, Los Angeles, CA – Career and Entrepreneurship

Past Board Member:

Appachu Ballachanda – Founding Board Member and Vice President (2017 – 2021)

Kodava Koota Board is passionate about helping Kodagu and Kodavas living in  North America as well as our motherland  Kodagu which is so dear to us.

Kodava Koota operates through donations from its members. The organization intends to continue these initiatives and help not only the residents of Kodagu but also contribute to the conservation and development of the environment which is a critical need of the hour.

Kodava Koota has undertaken several initiatives for the betterment of Kodagu and Kodavas. Some of them are:

  • Kodava Koota has partnered with Rural India Health Project (RIHP) Hospital, Ammathi to address the lack of necessary equipment to treat trauma patients and installed a CT scan machine that costs Rs 1 crore.
  • Project Coorg: Kodava Koota embarked upon a fund-raising campaign in 2018 to help victims of floods and landslides in Kodagu. It then collaborated with Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan and has so far spent Rs. 43.5 lakhs on Project Coorg to support the victims in Kalur near Madikeri. The funds were utilized to construct a building,  procure a van for mobile store and provide stipend to the women working under a group called Yashasvi that prepares local food products. For more details please access http://www.coorgflavours.com/
  • Helped Sai Shankar School near Ponnampet build IT Infrastructure at a cost of about Rs. 6 lakhs which is benefiting more than 165 children displaced by the floods of 2018.
  • Supporting Sri Ramakrishna Residential Care Home in Ponnampet by helping them establish chain link fence, solar lights and paint the building. Currently funding half of their operating expenditure and committing to support them in the future.
  • Kodava Koota constituted a legal team of volunteers who successfully fought against the illegal occupation of Devakaad (sacred groves) in certain parts of Kodagu. Kodava Koota also funded the expenses of this team.
  • Worked with Lions Club, Gonikoppal and Coorg Wildlife Society to purchase 50,000 Vetiver Tillers to be planted in landslide impacted areas. This was done at a cost of more than Rs 2.6 lakhs.
  • Working with Clean Coorg Initiative and Hasirudala to establish dry waste recycling in Kodagu. Kodava Koota has invested Rs. 2 lakhs to fund for the salary of an employee for 2 years.