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Kodava Koota Fund Raising Committee will continuously seek ways and means of raising funds for the mission and activities planned. In order to manage our mission and provide services in our community, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support.

Few of the Activities planned are:


    • Protect and preserve the heritage, customs and culture of the Kodavas living in North America.
    • Provide scholarship to deserving youth for higher education.
    • Create more networking events to help our community needs.
    • Help students in need of visa, temporary accommodation, etc.
    • Assist enterprising Kodavas to setup companies/corporations/businesses.
    • Help Kodava families who are facing dire economic hardship in North America.
    • Provide assistance to Kodavas visiting or living in North America who may not be able to afford essential expensive life-saving specialized medical treatments and procedures.
    • In cases of death of a loved one, help the family with performing the last rites in accordance with the Kodava customs and tradition or help to transfer the body to Kodagu / India in the event there are no immediate family members living in North America who can perform the last rites.
  • Help Kodava victims cope with incidence of domestic violence, assault, child-support default, mental health issues and any such devastating situations and conditions.