Kodava Makka Studying in India – Achievement Award 2021

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Kodava Makka Studying in India – Achievement Award for 2021

Category – Medicine

Arnav Aiyappa Pasura

Arnav is pursuing first year MBBS in Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute Fort, Krishna Rajendra Rd, Bengaluru. He secured 580/600 marks in II Pre-university exam with 100 marks in Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology and 99 in Physics.
He secured 685/720 marks in National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test conducted by Ministry of Education, Government of India. He obtained a percentile of 99.9649583 which gave him a NEET All India Rank of 440.
He is the son of Hema and Preetham Pasura, residents of Rifle Range, Madikeri.

It is indeed a great honor and privilege to be bestowed with an award of such magnitude and I express my utmost humility and gratitude.
The recognition has put more responsibility on my shoulders to work hard and live up to the expectations. The award will be utilized for the purchase of medical journals, study materials, etc. which will undoubtedly make a difference in my life to pursue a professional career. The concern to give back to the community by displaying such magnanimity and philanthropy motivates me..”

Anchu Gowthami Kochamanda

Anchu is currently in her final year MBBS in Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science and research Centre, Bangalore. She has consistently excelled in her course and has been securing first class marks in all her exams. She has been involved in community services like volunteering for AIDS awareness program on the occasion of World AIDS Day and also campaigning for Organ donation.
She did her schooling from Sri Rama Trust School Napoklu, securing 94%  marks in SSLC.  She completed her pre-University education with distinction from St. Aloysius college, Mangalore
She is the daughter of Leelavathy M. S and (Late) K. M Appanna of Bavali village in Parane.

“This scholarship is like a Ray of hope to perceive future studies. This scholarship gives me confidence to achieve the goal I’ve always dreamt of.
My deepest gratitude to the Kodava Koota  Organization, Committee Members and Donors.
Kodava Koota is doing great work by helping students like me who are in need of help , as well as other charity works that is helping our community. Thankful for the selfless service.”

Vaishnavi Yatheesh Naliyamanda

Vaishnavi is currently pursuing her 3rd year (7th term) of MBBS degree in Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Science and research Centre, Bangalore. She has been securing first class marks consistently in her course.
She has been involved with BBMP in Covid-19 isolation program. She plans to complete her course and purse a post-graduation program.
She is the daughter of Yatheesh Naliyamanda Govind and Swarna Yatheesh, residents of Kolagadalu village, Cherambane in North Kodagu.

“I would like to thank the trust in supporting me during these difficult times and it’s this Philanthropy which keeps the human touch at such times, I pledge to contribute back to this trust in future and help fellow humans to contribute to this society. I am grateful for this gesture and will always be part of giving to this society in future.
Once again thank you.”

Category – Engineering

Thanya Nanaiah Annalamada

Thanya Annalamada is in her 7th semester (4th year) of B. Tech in Aerospace Engineering in Dayananda Sagar University, Bangalore. She has consistently secured first class with distinction in all her semesters.
She is designated as the International Service Director of Rotaract club of Bengaluru HSR. She has worked on projects such as writing thank you letter to doctors for their hard work during the pandemic and plantation drive at local parks in HSR. She volunteered for TEDx DSU and her cause for the year 2020 TEDx event was climate change. She worked on road safety project organized by Bala Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy and won 3rd position for the road safety project at district level. She represented Bangalore and her school in the one-month Republic Day Camp, Delhi 2015. She is the first student in the history of her school to attend the RD camp. Volunteered at Art of Living yoga and meditation center for a period of two months during her summer vacation.
Thanya is the daughter of Nanaiah A A and Yeshodha Nanaiah and residents of Koramangala, Bangalore.

“I applied for this scholarship as a means to aid my dream of studying abroad. It was an honest moment of disbelief when I received the email from the Kodava Koota Board. It’s a feeling of absolute honor and pride experienced upon realization of being considered worthy of this prestigious gesture. This fund will definitely come a long way in helping out with my college tuition. I will forever be grateful.”

Nishaan Kushalappa Kattera

Nishaan Kushalappa KS is in his 4th semester of Bachelor of Engineering (electronics and communication) in National institute of Engineering, Mysore. Nishaan has excellent GPA in all his 3 semesters (9 out of 10) and had also secured 4th rank in II PUC exams for the entire district of Kodagu.
He is is part of the research team that is building a technology towards gender classification and sex segregation silkworms, which is one of the biggest pain points in sericulture. He is highly rated and recommended by coordinator of center for research and development, department of chemistry in National institute of engineering.
Nishaan is the son of Kattera Somanna and Devakki Somanna, residents of Armeri village in South Kodagu.

“I am thrilled and honored to be a recipient of the ‘Nangada Kodava Makka’ Studying in India – Year 2’. I would like to extend my gratitude for this generous contribution to my educational success. This scholarship is an inspiration for me to work on new projects and motivate me to perform well in academics. I will make sure I use it to its full potential. Thank you.”

Krishma Bopanna Nellamakkada

Krishma Bopanna is pursuing her Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication, Third year (6th Semester). Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, Adyar Mangalore. Krishma has consistently excelled in her academics and has a GPA of 9 out of 10 in all her semesters so far.
During her first year of the engineering course, she built a social innovation project called “Autonomous Gypse”. This was a project built to solve the problem faced by St Antony’s old age home at Mangalore. It was difficult to carry food from the kitchen to the inmates at different houses in the old age home and also there was shortage of workers. So, they built an Autonomous Gypse which requires no man power and could easily carry food to the inmates. This project was selected to receive Sahyadri Project Support Scheme grant from the grand finale of TECHVISION 2019 “Elevat 50” business pitching competition.
She is the daughter of Thara Gangamma and Bopanna Nellamakkada, residents of Kavadi village near Ammathi.

“ I am  very grateful to be chosen as a recipient for the kodava koota scholarship. This scholarship will really help me achieve my educational and career goals. Since we get scholarship on merits, getting one from kodava koota will leave a good impact on my future employment. This makes me to stand out from the rest during job search. Earning a scholarship from kodava koota is really prestigious.
By the blessings of all my well wishers and my effort, if I get a good job it would be my immense pleasure to put my hand forward to help the next coming students of my community .”

Category – Dental Sciences

Manali Bopanna Appumaniyanda

Manali is pursuing 2nd year of BDS. K.V.G dental college and hospital, Sullia. She has consistently excelled in her academics and comes recommended by the institute for this award.
She is the daughter of Bopanna and Rohini Appumaniyanda, residents of Nelaji village near Napoklu in North Kodagu.

“I am extremely happy for winning this award and my heartfelt thanks to each one of you for recognizing and giving me this opportunity.  I will make the best use of this scholarship. It will be of great help to a middle-class girl like me, for my college expenditure like, buying the dental materials and books which will help me gain more knowledge about dentistry.
I will encourage my fellow Kodava’s beyond my limits because I believe it’s not only me, myself achieving in life but all our fellow mates improving and achieving together in life.
I will encourage them both in studies as well as to carry our prestigious culture to our offspring.
Once again, a big thanks to all of you for choosing me for this scholarship. I will always be grateful to KODAVA KOOTA. I am blessed to have this support in life”

Codanda Ponnamma

Ponnamma is currently in the final year of her MDS In Oral and Maxillofacial surgery at S.Nijalingappa Institute of Dental sciences, Kalburagi. She has secured first class marks consistently in her BDS course.
She is the daughter of Yeshoda and Chengappa Codanda, residents of Kadanga Muroor village near Virajpet.

“Thank you so much for selecting my application. I believe I am worthy of it, I have done my Thesis on “To evaluate the efficacy of Hybrid arch bars. Also, presented a Scientific Paper in MIDCOMS 2021. [Dehradun Conference]
Will be presenting another Scientific Paper in AOMSI 45 Th conference Mangalore [2.3.4 th December 2021]
This scholarship would give me an opportunity and be helpful to publish this study and to do more research on this topic both academically and financially also for my further Fellowship studies.
I would be honored to work and flourish under this prestigious- Kodava Koota .”

Category – Agricultural Sciences

Deepthi Dechamma Nambudumada 

Deepthi is pursuing her 1st year Ph.D. (Forestry), 2nd Semester. College of Forestry, Ponnampet, Kodagu.
She got admission in B.Sc forestry in the year 2014 through Karnataka CET exam on merit and completed her under graduation with a CGPA of 8.18 . Based on her merit she secured admission for post-graduation in Forestry securing 17th rank in the country for specializing in Silviculture and Agroforestry from the College of Forestry. Her master’s research topic was entitled “Assessment of growth and wood traits of Casuarina clones at diverse sites in Karnataka.” She secured CGPA of 8.92. She has published a paper in an international journal and a poster has been accepted recently for presentation in international conference
With her passion for research, she has secured admission for doctoral program in forestry with specialization in the department of Silviculture and Agroforestry. She intends to work on “Assessment of Ecosystem Services in Tree Based Land use system in Central Western Ghats” which will be a pioneering effort to document ecosystem services offered by forest and agroforests of Kodagu to showcase our unique landscape and help farmers to get incentives for sustainable farming practices.
Deepthi is the daughter of Latha and Lala Nambudumada, residents of Kandangala village near Virajpet.

” I express my sincere gratitude to Kodava Koota for considering me for the prestigious ‘Kodava Koota award’ in Agricultural Sciences category. It’s a great initiative by the organization for providing the support to students studying in different disciplines.
I always wanted to pursue my career in the field of research, so this award will help me financially both for my education and doctoral research. It will be a financial aid to carry out my doctoral research which is “Assessment of Regulatory services from Coffee based Agrarian Systems in Central Western Ghats” that will be carried out in different coffee agroforests of Kodagu.”

Neer Somakka Apparanda

Neer Somakka is pursuing her 1st Year PhD in agricultural economics, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology in Jammu and Kashmir.
She secured 52nd rank in ICAR entrance exam for PhD. Her thesis in MSc was focused on problems faced by pepper growers in Kodagu. Proposed PhD research work is on women empowerment in Jammu and Kashmir.
She is part of Green Graduation Program and was an active NCC cadet. She was also associated with Scouts and Guides and an NSS volunteer.
She is the daughter of Nandini and Nanjappa Apparanda, residents of Kunjila Village near Kakkabbe in Kodagu.

” Getting this scholarship is a great honor for me. Receiving this is not just receiving money for me, It tells me  I am seen as having potential for the future of our society. I have got to make sure of my responsibilities to represent the society and make sure I give back to the community. When I represent something I try to represent it to the fullest, so I am going to do the best I can to make everyone proud. This scholarship will boost my self-confidence, knowing that I not only completed a very important task but also took the responsibility of creating a foundation for getting me closer to my career goals. This financial help would mean a lot to me, as it will help me make a difference in the ever changing, and challenging world of agriculture.”

Tehelj Kadiamada

Tehelj Kadiamada has completed her Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology from JSS Science and Technology University. She has been admitted for MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London, starting in October 2021.
During the penultimate year of her undergraduate, she worked on a project which aimed at reducing water pollution. The aim of the project was to remove hazardous chemicals like phenol from industrial wastewater using agricultural waste such as corn husk. This project which started as a volunteering service in the college and it became her research thesis in the final semester.
She has volunteered at TEDx (particularly TEDxSPC) as Head of Operations, under Climate Change theme. Her role was to handle social media platforms and lead external marketing team. She was responsible to spread awareness about the ongoing climate change, impact of human activities on nature and how TEDx events can be one of the means to educate the society about environmental conservation.
She is the daughter of Shari and Aiyappa Kadiamada, residents of Shaktinagar, Mysore.

“I am currently pursuing Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London which is one of the top 10 universities in the world. I have been a meritorious student throughout my academics and have completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology with securing second rank. I intend to use the financial assistance from the Kodava Koota Board to help pay my tuition expenses. My goal is to work as a research scientist involved in developing regenerative therapies or designing economical cancer diagnostics. I believe representing our Kodava community (which is considered an indigenous community of South India) at an international level would be my true achievement. Imperial offers one of the best programs in the country and I am happy to be a part of it. I would like to formally thank the Kodava Koota Board for their extreme generosity which has allowed me to further my education. To have someone that believes I will excel and support my journey is unbelievable. I am truly honored to be the recipient of this year’s Kodava Koota Awards.”

Ashitha Ganesh Bojjangada

Ashitha is pursuing her Ph. D. in Ethnomedicinal Plants of Kodagu in Doctor of Science in Environmental Science, University of Mysore. She has consistently secured distinction in all her academics including her current Ph. D. program. She has won several awards and certifications a various levels including Women’s Science Congress held at Mysore.
She is currently volunteering with Nithyatha Conservation Foundation that works on conservation of Otters as well multiple other projects in Kodagu district like Koile meenu project. She had been part of Junglescapes an organization that works on restoration of Bandipur forest from an invasive species, Lantana camara. She has been volunteering for Mysore Zoo’s youth club program and been part of several conservation programs.
She is the daughter of Kamala and Ganesh Pemmaiah Bojjangada, residents of Hysodlour village near Hudikeri.

“I am extremely honored and express my deep sense of gratitude for conferring me the Kodava Koota Award.  I am exceedingly delighted and beholden for having me selected as one of the recipients of your scholarship.
I completed my M.Sc. in Environmental Science, securing second rank at the University of Mysore. Currently, I am pursuing my Ph.D. at UOM and my research involves the study of Ethnomedicinal Plants of Kodagu district. Additionally, I am volunteering for WWF, India for a project about Odonates in Mysore and I am a Volunteer at the Mysore Zoo, where I’m part of various educational activities. Besides this I am associated with NGOs that work on conservation of otters in Kaveri River basin, Koile meen in Coorg and few other projects.
This Scholarship will immensely aid my research activities and further the scope of my research. Your generous support will help me achieve my dreams and I am a step closer to reaching my career goals.
I cannot thank you enough and I vow to work very hard and hope that one day eventually be in a position to give it back to my community. “

Sinchana Bojamma Pasura

Sinchana Bojamma is currently in her 5th Year Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy). Bapuji Pharmacy College, Davangere. She has consistently excelled in her course and secured highest marks in 2nd, 3rd and 4th year in Pharm-D exams. She passed her 4th year exams with 87.1% marks.
She has been active in voluntary activities and participated in public health and awareness camps at Public health center, Thyavanige town, Davangere district, to create public awareness on communicable diseases, effects of smoking and alcoholism, chewing of tobacco and maternity health care.
She is the daughter of Deena and Kaveriappa Pasura, residents of Kadagadal village near Madikeri.

“A heartfelt thank you to the members of Kodava Koota for considering me as a recipient of Kodava Koota awards.
First of all its a privilege to receieve one of this award. It definitely makes a difference for me to excel as a healthcare professional to achieve in future. This would help me in reducing the financial burden towards my education and I will be able to focus completely towards my career goals. I wish to contribute my best to the field of pharmacy in the improvisation of healthcare system. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community and help them just as you have helped me.
I once again express my gratitude to the Kodava Koota for extending a helping hand and also my parents and well wishers who are a constant support to me in every step.”

Kaveramma Kottangada

Kaveramma K V is currently pursuing her 3rd year in Doctor of Pharmacy at Sri Adichunchanagiri College of Pharmacy, Nagamangala in Mandya. She has been a meritorious student and passed her 2nd year with distinction.
She is the daughter of Kavitha and Vasudeva Kottangada, residents of Ballyamundoor village in Virajpet taluk.

“My heart felt thanks to the committee members for considering my application for the scholarship.
Granting this scholarship would be of great help to me as it would support my academic career.
As my academic fees is too high this scholarship may support me to meet my expenses and lessen the burden on my family.
This scholarship fund may also help me to afford my academic supplements.”

Theja Bheemaiah Namera 

Theja Bheemaiah is pursuing her 3rd year bsc nursing, Cauvery college of nursing Mysore, affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences, Bangalore. She has an outstanding academic record in her 1st and 2nd years that she passed with distinction.
She lost both her parents when she was about 6 years old and she and her sister were raised and looked after by her grand parents Janaki and Subbaiah Namera, residents of Konganna village near B Shettigeri in Virajpet taluk.

” I am currently pursuing 3rd year BSc nursing, this is a 4 year course. After unfortunate demise of my parents, me and my younger sister are facing financial challenges to complete our education. This gesture from Kodava Koota will help me support college fee payments, with these hardship I believe that completing education will help me support my grandparents and my sister. Post my BSc, I want to take up job as a nurse in a reputed medical institution also in parallel want to write exam to join Indian armed forces medical division. I am very much interested to do my MSc nursing but feel that I should pursue higher education only after my sister’s graduation. I would want to convey my gratitude, this gesture will help me achieve my goals and some day take me to a position where I can give back to my Kodava community”

Thangamma Muthappa Manira

Thangamma M M is currently pursuing her 2nd year nursing course in  Rajiv Gandhi College of Nursing,  Bangalore. She has secured first class marks in her first year. She has volunteered in Covid-19 vaccination program.
She is the daughter of Vasanthi and late Muthappa Manira, resident of West Nammale village near Virajpet.

“It’s an absolute honor to be receiving this award from your organization that is going to be a great support for my education. I’m really thankful for this opportunity. I will make the best use of it.”